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Original details:

Vending Firm:

  1. Fees for sale £400,000 (amended from £450,000)
  2. Qualified practice
  3. Not audit registered*
  4. Operating big firm processes within a small firm environment
  5. Monthly cashflow £50,000
  6. Services include: general compliance, book keeping, payroll, IHT planning, Trusts & Estate work
  7. Sale is for early retirement
  8. Principals will stay for up to 2 years, as required
  9. Could move within the Bristol area or farther south subject to consideration of staff & local clients who drop books off


  1. Broad mix of clients including fees of >£10,000
  2. *Two clients requiring audits are serviced externally


  1. Staff are working at full-capacity with a position vacant for an Accounts Manager
  2. Staff have significant potential  to be brought on
  3. Staff are qualified  with some also continuing their studies


  1. Well-appointed, attractive premises available on a rental basis (but need not be retained)
  2. Ample parking
  3. Capacity in unit for a total of 8 personnel
  4. Current lease runs until December, 2024.

Ref: AP3342

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