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Purchaser: independent; qualified & efficient; broad range of experience; proactive; good understanding of the SME market; growing client base;  excellent people skills; in funds now.

Seeks: a block of fees from c.£10,000 – £110,000; predominantly S.M.E. client base is preferred.

Ideal acquisition: fees of c.£75,000 S.M.E.s with Directors who have an entrepreneurial spirit & are keen to grow their businesses & are keen to invest in their own growth; turnover of £250,000+.

Intention: to service the fees from the Purchaser’s office; long term the S.M.E. client base will be nurtured & grown by the Acquirer. Continuity is key.

On offer:

  • Up to 1.25X
  • Flexible payments terms
  • Excellent customer service
  • Continuity
  • Maximum client retention
  • Minimum losses
  • Possible retention of a member of staff
  • Flexibility (including on timing).

Ref.: AP3330W

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