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Vendor: “Having gradually reduced my mainly specialised practice over the years to retirement to a fee basis circa £40000, I was concerned that this would not be particularly attractive to sell. I was wrong. I contacted Jeremy Kitchen in 2008 to test the water and he gave me confidence that there would be many to whom it would appeal. He was right. In 2010 the decision to sell was taken, I was surprised at the interest he stimulated and he carefully, and thoughtfully, guided me through what would otherwise have been a daunting task. I am most appreciative of the help afforded to bring the sale to a satisfactory conclusion.” (John Watts, 2011)

Purchaser: “I would like to thank Lucinda and Jeremy for their assistance with our recent acquisition. Although I have been established for twelve years it was my first acquisition, APMA were very helpful and gave very good clear advice and assistance when needed. The process seemed very smooth and structured which made the whole issue seem a lot less daunting than perhaps I had thought. Many thanks.” (Nick Hunt, 2011)

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