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Key Questions for Sellers (part 1)

In this 1st article in a series of 4, A.P.M.A. examines some of the key questions which vendors may ask as they consider putting into motion the sale of their goodwill - Is my practice too large/ too small? Owing…


Natural Selection (the Buying Process)

In this article we are looking at why participation in the selection process is important when it comes to the purchase of goodwill. In effect the process of the mergers and acquisitions of accountancy practices is like a match-making service…


Tips for Buying into an Accountancy Practice

Jeremy Kitchin of APMA assesses the position of those asked to buy into an accountancy practice and outlines the key questions you should ask before you sign on the dotted line. Goodwill When buying a practice we are talking about…


What is claw back?

It's vital that you understand this important concept when it comes to buying or selling an accountancy practice. Virtually all practices being sold will have a claw back clause in the Sale Agreement, which is a risk-sharing agreement between buyer…


Essential Guide to Selling a Practice

Five things you can do to ensure you get the best possible price when selling your business Look at your charge-out rates. Make sure they are competitive. If you are undercharging and the new owners have to put them up,…

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